Womens Hair Styles Over The Years

Womens Hair Styles Over The Years

For the past century, one of the main priorities for women has been experimenting with interesting yet elegant hairstyles.  We've had a look into the past at how hair has evolved and the many styles that have come and gone.

During the early 1900’s, the hairstyles of the Victorian era consisted of various styles. One was to part the hair down the middle, another was having ringlets or long drop curls and a third was to wear flowers in the hair.  This led the way for a less refined hairstyle.

During the 1920’s, women started growing their hair longer than they had in previous years. They also began to wear accessories in their hair other than flowers. These accessories included headbands, hats, jewels and bows.  Later on in this decade, the short haircut known as the bob became popular.

In the 1930’s women started making a fashion statement in the way they wore their hair. The hairstyles that were worn during this time had a lot to do with the events that were happening in the world.  It was the time of the Great Depression and women just could not afford to pay for a stylist.  Waves peeping out from under hats were a popular option.

Glamour styles were all the rave in the 1940’s and hair styles were all about curls so women looked more elegant as well as feminine. It was the time of hair rollers and even mature women spent hours with their hair in curlers to achieve soft curls. The Chignon and the Omelet Fold were the most popular styles.

The 1950’s hairstyles were inspired by celebrities with the two  most popular being modeled by Jackie Kennedy and Lucille Ball. The favourite style during this decade was often the bouffant. At the beginning of this decade, styles also consisted of a tight bun with a scarf and a slick back ponytail.  At the end of the decade brought about the introduction of the French pleat.

The styles of the 1960 and ‘70’s were all about the hippies.  Women gave up sleeping in rollers as it was hip to have very long straight hair. Hairstyles were more relaxed and a lot more natural than they had been in previous years. When hair wasn’t worn long and free flowing, it was worn in a ponytail or a bun. There was a negative aspect to this decade since women would iron their hair to get it straight!

The 1980’s were about big hair.  It was a huge change from the last decade and involved a lot of mousse, hairspray and hair gel.  Hairstyles also included ponytails worn on the side and the introduction of bangs.

In the 90’s, women wanted a more relaxed look and Jennifer Aniston inspired many women with her hairstyle.  It was a decade of styles that were shorter and the hair was layered.

Nowadays, hairstyles are pretty much a personal preference.  Some women choose to have their hair messy while others choose a straight and refined look. Our advice is to look at what suits you and feels right before rushing into the latest fashion.


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